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  • Following, as I have the same issue. It seems like anything related to WooCommerce is also very slow to load (Settings, Customers, Dashboard, etc). I’m thinking because it’s trying to do the database update or at least check on every page load.

    I will be investigating further on the emails part. My Admin emails were readable but my customer who checked out as guest tried to log in to the site so I assume (they haven’t responded to my email follow up) that they didn’t receive the email links for downloading their product.

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    I am also having the same issue.

    I am experiencing this on a small percentage of the sites we manage.

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    Same here. Is there any solution for this?

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    I’m also having this problem.



    Ditto here – has this been logged as an issue in 4.0.1?

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    Same issue, I manage about 20 WooCommerce sites for our company and for other people.

    I also want to call attention to the button used to dismiss it.

    The button is labeled “Thanks!”.

    This doesn’t make sense. If you are thanking me, your thanks isn’t conditional on me clicking the button. And if I’m thanking you, well… what if I don’t want to thank you and just want to dismiss? Lol.

    It is oddly casual, when other parts of WooCommerce are not casual (you MUST enter a business address to finish setting up the plugin.. wut).

    I also have this problem.

    The latest update WordPress fixed the issue! No more button.

    Same here, and totally agree with @richardmichael.

    The latest WordPress update (5.4.1) didn’t fix it for me.

    Still broken in WC 4.1 for me. This is really annoying.

    I have updated to 4.1 also – no change – cannot dismiss notice πŸ™

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    Thank you for reporting this issue. Our developers are aware of the bug and are working on releasing a fix in the next update.

    In the meantime, you can run the following query to get rid of the message:

    UPDATE wp_wc_admin_notes SET status='actioned' WHERE name='wc-update-db-reminder';

    I hope that helps!



    Yes I saw the issue on Github.
    Running the query you mention however does not seem to solve the issue for me.

    That query did the trick for me, thanks!

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