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    Hi everyone, i got woocommerce 2.0.5, installed in my website, every thing is great so far!, but now I got a issue that i can’t solve by myself, and i need the help of the community.

    These is my website
    I sell tangible goods items, in my website, only to the people in my country/city, and only with ARS currency (Argentinian Pesos).

    My payment gateway, is with MercadoPago (added, via plugin), wich my customers can pay with ARS (currency added to woocommerce, via plugin).

    In the woocommerce generals options i got “currencies” set in Argentinian Pesos and in “allowed countries” selected in Argentina

    So… the issue arrives when, now i have downloable items, for sale in my website. And i want to activate Paypal, as a new option, for payments gateway….Because, I want to sell these downloable products, to clients, in all the world.

    Paypal do not accept ARS (Argentinian Pesos)… that makes, the option to activate Paypal as a eligible payment gateway, as blocked (i got all my prices in ARS)

    One thing I need is the power, to activate paypal, but keeping the ARS as currency for my tangible products.
    Second, I need to have, the USD currency, only for my downloable products, so that my international customers can pay with Paypal.

    My question is… how can i setup woocommerse, so I can do that?
    My downloable products, to pay with USD in Paypal for international sales. And my tangible products in ARS for my local sales.

    Hope you understand me what I mean. I appreciate any help



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  • WooCommerce does not support multi currency stores by default right now. WPML (along with the WooCommerce Multilingual plugin) does support this (a fair bit), but it’s not ideal by far yet. We are looking into adding native support for future releases.

    And to be honest, I don’t think it solves the issue of allowing one payment gateway for x group of products and the other for y group of products.

    This all will come down to a lot of manual work, if possible already. If you’re not too code savvy, I suggest you post a job at Codeable or Tweaky to have someone do this (or even look into it) for you.

    Thanks Jacobs for your answer, now i know that i have to look for somebody to write some code for my particular issue.



    I think it would be possible to set a different currency for only selected countries like set EUR for customers who are shopping on your site in a country that is in Europe.

    This could possibly be filtered in to override the default currency set for the store but if PayPal don’t accept the currency you have set it in, then forcing it won’t make any difference as PayPal will just say you have made a coding error and ask you to check it, which won’t be good when a customer tries to pay locally.


    Check this out 🙂

    It solved my problems 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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