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  • Is there a way to truly limit the coupon codes to one per user?

    If the customer just changes their browser, they can use the code again even if limited to one use.

    Is there any way or plugin to tie the user to something a bit more concrete, such as their email, to prevent the codes being used multiple times or given out?

    To be clear, I want a large number of users to use the same code number, but each code only used by each customer once. There will be a landing page to take customer emails and send them the code. They can use the code on the site to get 20% off one product for one purchase.


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    Thanks for the suggestion. Your plugin I assume?
    I’ll give it a go.

    Yes, correct. If you have any issues, let me know.

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    How are you preventing customers from just changing the browser though. It says it is based on their email, but is this the email the coupon code was sent to? As your plugin seems very new, there doesn’t appear to be much information on how it works.


    It is based on the email address used during checkout. I do not understand the concern with changing browsers. Once a customer has created an order with a coupon code, the email address is recorded. And if you try to create another order with that same coupon code, it is compared to the email addresses recorded and the limits put on the coupon code,

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    That sounds Excellent. I will certainly give it a go.


    I have set usage limit per user as one for my coupon code and when I applied it for the first time by creating a new user, I am getting an error as Coupon code limit reached, even though I have set the usage limit per coupon as unlimited.

    Could you please say me the reason for it and a solution to fix it as well.

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