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    Dashboard – Products – Attributes – Attribute Comparison Data – Attribute and Terms Compare data input type (?)

    The pop-up box when hovering over the (?) question mark, says –

    “Use these fields to determine how this Attribute with display its compare data. Text input fields are for adding custom compare data and ignore the Attribute Terms or set to show the Attributes Terms as single or multi select Compare data options that are quick and easy to set for each product.”

    1) Typo “with” – “will”?

    2) Not clear as to whether this is used for display of the compare data, or for data entry. ‘set’, ‘input’, ‘display’, ‘show’ in the same sentence all related to this field, make it difficult to determine whether this sentence about the field is related to input, or display, or both, or and input to control the form of display.

    3) “adding custom compare data” – adding by whom? – the data enterer (admin), or the customer at time of doing a search?

    4) “or set to show” – ‘what’ is set, or set ‘what’, by implication is probably “Text input fields”, but could be ‘attributes’ in general, or possibly ‘single or multi select’. Use of a specific object for this verb will help avoid confusion.

    5) 39 words and no commas – could be cause for confusion

    This is a smaller part of the whole plugin, so maybe not so important.
    But you may be able to improve the clarity and ease of being understood of this popup.
    Probably better to have larger more explanatory pop-up, that can be understood, than to have a brief pop-up that takes up less space, but causes confusion.

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