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    Is there a way to hide or filter woocommerce comments?
    We have a shop and a blog too. The thing is.. every product we sell produces 4 comments… which means… the actual blog comments are buried under hundreds of woocommerce comments.
    I would like to hide, or filter out somehow woocommerce comments… to get easy access to real blog comments on our site.
    Can’t find an easy way to do it tho.


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    I have the same problem and I am interested to any help please! 🙂

    Same issue here! The comments section is swamped by unnessacary WooCommerce status updates.

    I don’t know if you have found your answer. But I did the following.

    go to wp-admin/css/colors-fresh.min.css and put the following in front of

    #the-comment-list .order_note {
    background-color: #CC0000;

    First do it without the display:none and see if all the status updates turn red. (refresh page) If so, than you can put in the display:none. All the status updates are invisible.

    Is there a solution to this issue. The comments/order notes from woocommerce are messing up the recent post/comments widgets as comments from the order are being shown in the widgets.

    Just stumbled on this to as we are building a large scale integrated blog and store as well. This seems like a really huge oversight on what is otherwise an amazing product (WooCommerce). There’s got to be a better way than hacking core CSS! Anyone!?

    Did anyone on this thread ever find a solution to this? I know I can hide with css but I’d prefer to nip the problem more elegantly.

    There’s a filter in WooCommerce 2.x (not sure if it was there earlier) that allows you to filter comments by type.

    Thanks, Dalton, that helped a bit. I’m still interested in turning off the order comments function entirely in woocommerce and hope someone will eventually post here how to do it.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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