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    Hey, I love using this theme with Elementor. I’m having trouble with the Elementor “Archived Products” widget though. The widget says that its content settings are set by the theme in Appearance>Customize. So, I went to the theme customizer and was able to increase the columns to 8 in full desktop mode. However, when I change the column number in tablet and mobile mode, it has no effect on the “archived products” widget when I view my site. Is this something that can be fixed with the theme or is it a problem with Elementor?

    I should also add, there are no options in the theme or the widget to change the number of rows the widget shows.

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  • Theme Author David Vongries


    Hi @quasarwpg,

    I was able to replicate this on my end. When using “Archive Products”, Elementor overrides the theme settings.

    You can use the “Products” widget instead as it allows you to specify the columns for each device right inside Elementor.

    It would be great if there either were the same settings for “Archive Products” as well, otherwise I think Elementor shouldn’t override the theme’s defaults.

    I’ll look into this.

    Thanks for reporting! 🙂


    Thanks for your reply. For me personally, this has been the best, most flexible theme to use with Elementor. Thanks for your work on it!

    I do use the “Products” widget wherever I can, but it doesn’t work in the same way as the “Archived Products” widget. For a long time, I even wondered why they had both widgets, especially since the “Archived Products” widget is more limited in features/settings. However, if you use the Elementor Theme Builder to create a WooCommerce store, and assign that theme to the entire archive, the “Products” widget does not respond to the store categories. So when someone selects a category from the menu, the “Products” widget continues to show all the products in the store and not just the ones in that category. That’s where the “Archived Products” widget must be used. Whatever way the Elementor team built that widget, it recognizes the category settings and will only show products in the chosen category. I really wish they would add all the customization settings from the “Products” widget into the “Archived Products” widget because it would sure make building stores easier.

    Sorry about the little rant lol.

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    Well, I guess I can use the “products” widget for archives. I just needed to set the Query section to “Current Query”. That seems to make it recognize the categories. Thanks for your advice.

    Theme Author David Vongries


    I digged into this a bit deeper.

    Elementor applies their own structure to the “Archive Products” widget similar as they do for the “Products” widget. Though, the difference is that they allow the user to actually change the structure on the “Products” widget.

    I believe it’s an option that should be available for “Archive Products” as well. An alternative would be that Elementor fully inherits the theme’s default for that particular module and doesn’t apply their defaults.

    Currently we’re right inbetween.

    I think we could find a way around this but that means we’d have to entirely change the way we control the structure on our end for the shop/WooCommerce archive pages.

    At this point, I’d suggest to stick to the “Products” widget workaround.

    We’ll keep an eye on this and will make necessary changes if this causes more issues down the road.


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