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WooCommerce Checkout Problem

  • My website is http://www.prodigye.com/wp. On clicking checkout, you cannot view anything below “Your Order” and hence i cant see the payment options either.

    My shortcodes are in place and everything is as per WooCommerce.

    I tried using woocommerce with other themes and infact the same child theme but on a different website http://www.prodigyelectronics.com/pe and it seems to work.

    I have been on this problem for 2 days now and cant seem to find a solution. Also my tools doesnt a show a WC Debug option so kindly advice.


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  • Hi,

    Why don’t you check http://wcdocs.woothemes.com/category/snippets/theming-snippets/ from WooCommerce directly? Or review what you have done previously from http://www.prodigyelectronics.com/pe

    Not to push you into commercial or anything like that, but for about $25 you can have full WooCommerce compatibility with the same Theme http://labzip.com/shop/themes/responsive-child-theme/ and save yourself from hassle.

    I personally would not spend that much time if there’s something out there that behaves nicely, but that’s just me 🙂


    Hey Emil!

    We have already gone ahead and ordered the theme from LabZip, but i personally just wanted to know what is the problem since i have compared the style sheets for the theme and the plugin from both the websites and there does not seem to be any difference which should give me the required output but is not. So i cant seem to figure out the exact problem.

    What i did figure out is that if i preview the checkout page before i put in the WooCommerce settings i can see the order but no payment methods and as soon as i update the settings on WooCommerce directing to the Checkout Page, my tables below “Your Order” disappear so i cant seem to understand whats going on.


    Oh I see, sorry, I wasn’t aware of that 🙁 I’ll let someone else answer this for you, because I’m not familiar with WooCommerce that much.



    Did you manage to figure out this problem. I’m now having the same issue on a site I’m working on.


    @jayp70 this is one Theme related, are you using Responsive as well?

    @emil. Actually, I’m using the default Twenty Eleven one modified to suit.



    is there a solution?

    [solved] Ok, figured out what it was. Its the Custom Contact Form plugin version If you update it to version 5.0, it works

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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