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  • Hi everyone,

    Hope someone here is knowledgeable enough to help me with this issue…

    I’m using the latest version of WooCommerce, and I have just bought their new Pre-Order extension. The problem I’m having is the confusions between the wording “backorder” and “pre-order”.

    If I enable pre-orders on a product, it changes the cart button to “pre order” which is good, but it also say’s “backorders available” because I have backorders set as “allow, but notify customers”. This is not ideal as it would confuse customers with different terms. If I set backorders to “allow, but don’t notify” then it will simply say the product is “in stock”, which it isn’t. And if I change the product to “out of stock”, it simply say’s “out of stock” on the product page and the customer cannot order it. See my problem I’m having?

    I contacted woothemes support and they suggested “add a check to the if statement to see if the product is a pre-order and do not display it on pre order products”.

    The code they refer to…

    So…does anyone have a solution to this? All I want is for when a product is on pre-order, it say’s something like “pre-order only” rather then “in stock” or “backorders available”.

    Hope this all makes sense…. Surely I can’t be the only one having this issue. It seems like such a simple request, I’m confused as to why it isn’t just standard in WooCommerce. I certainly thought the problem would be solved with a $100 extension purchase, but apparently not…

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  • Looks simple enough to resolve – not sure why you weren’t given some example code to assist, and not sure how their plugin is marking products as pre-order so I can’t give you any sample code to use. If you get stuck you may opt to contact us directly and we’ll try to help – no cost involved of course.

    The only solution I have come up with is using this plugin in-conjunction with WooThemes Pre Order extension. With both of them activated, I can achieve what I want. Still not sure why it isn’t a core feature…seems so obvious to me? :S

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