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    Hi, We recently updated WordPress & Updraft Plus and are getting that ‘Warning: Your WordPress installation has a problem with outputting extra whitespace.’ notification on our Updraft Plus settings page.

    I read the Updraft Plus FAQ about that, and tried deactivating all plugins, then starting back up one by one, and it seems Woocommerce is causing the issue. It is a pristine new copy of Woocommerce since I downloaded it directly from the WordPress plugin repository and uploaded the fresh version via FTP.

    I tried taking out all of the custom Woocommerce hook and filter functions out of our functions.php file, and even changing themes completely, and the problem still persists.

    The only way to make that warning go away is to deactivate the Woocommerce plugin. Can this be a common problem in sites with WooCommerce and Updraft plus installed? have the Updraft Plus developers heard of this issue before? Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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    Can you also please check if you have any whitespace at top or bottom of your wp-config.php? If yes can you please remove it and try to login again?

    More information about the warning here and how to resolve – https://updraftplus.com/problems-with-extra-white-space/.

    Let us know if that helps.


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    Thanks for your reply! We did double check the wp-config.php file, then logged out and in again, and the white space message was still there. We also then tried the plugin test again and deactivated all plugins, and found that it was Woocommerce still causing the issue. We’ll keep trying to find it and let us know if you have further suggestions.

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    The base WooCommerce plugin doesn’t cause this (I have tested it on a testing site of my own – and no, no other reports; we’d expect a lot if it did happen since we both have millions of installs). It’s thus likely that having WooCommerce active means that other code (whether in a plugin, theme or mu-plugin) runs that otherwise would not run, and the problem is in the other code.

    In practice, the only bad thing the whitespace can do is corrupt downloads of backups made directly from the dashboard (by inserting that extra whitespace into them). To avoid that, you can just download another way (e.g. FTP/SFTP/control panel file manager, or direct from remote storage, e.g. direct from the Dropbox website, etc.)

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    We even manually uploaded a fresh copy of WordPress AND Woocommerce via FTP, and nothing seemed to work.

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    OK thanks for your replies!

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