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  • Hey guys,

    first there was a product-category named “uncategorized” which is empty and can’t be deleted.

    WooCommerce 3.3.1 should fix this issue. But it doesn’t!

    With WooCommerce 3.3.1 there was a new product-category named “unkategorisiert”. I was able to delete the product-category named “uncategorized”, but now i can not delete the product-category named “unkategorisiert”.

    so now, what to do?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Why doesn’t WooCommerce add an option so that we can specify/change the default WooCommerce Category, just WordPress does for Post Categories (Settings > Writing). This would make more sense and would also give us the ability to remove this annoying Uncategorized Category.

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    Issue opened here for this:

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    Updating … solution worked for me.

    The widget in Appearance > Widgets has an option “>Hide empty categories”.

    To fix this issue on my site I did this in the back end:

    WooCommerce/settings/products/customizer/product catalog/shop page display/then changed the current chosen option from “show categories & products” to “show products”

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    Hi guys!

    I upgraded today and i got the problem too.

    @mikejolley if i empty the category yep, the category won-t display any more, but i have a conceptual question for you:

    i had “special” product that i want to hide to “normal public” and i want to use just for admin purpouse, for example, a “custom” order…. i got these “special” product under the uncategorized “shield” so no one of the normal customer could see them… now, with the upgrade, i had to empty the category so my “custom” product now lay in the product paper bin…. how i can manage the “useful special product” now?

    thank you very much!

    Dave solution works fine! But weird part form woocom

    I am just starting on Woocommerce. I created categories, but when I go to customize the front page of my shop and request that the categories are shown, it will only show the uncategorized category. Somehow in my dashboard there are “Categories” and “Product Categories”. I can only create categories under Product Categories. I can’t edit Categories which only has the 1 uncategorized category in it and that is the only one that will show on the front page of my store. How do I get the 9 product categories I created to be what shows on my front page? When I switch to show products on the front page, it does show my products, but I want them organized into my product categories on the front page otherwise it’s too overwhelming for customers.

    Same problem. The Uncategorized is empty but shown on my shop front side.

    In our case, I had previously renamed the ‘Uncategorised’ category and assigned products to it. The update created another “Uncategorized” category and *also* an “Uncategorised” category (presumably because UK English translations were downloaded afterwards?) I could delete ‘Uncategorized’ but not ‘Uncategorised’.

    We have a theme (child theme of Storefront) where we need to show category pages whether or not they have products in them. If I rename this (including the slug) and transfer another category into it, will it just get recreated by a future update? Or does issue #18929 fix this?

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