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    I am building a music digital download store to sell music. The music will be in two formats WAV and MP3 so I will add them as a variable product with a format attribute with these two values and use them as variations.

    My query is about how to organise meta data to help optimise the sorting and filtering of products. Music can be categorised by Artist, Genre and Label. A product will generally be on only one label but can have more than one genre and more than one artist (collaborations). I could:

    1) use product categories for all of these i.e. a genre category with all the genres as subcategories, same for labels and artists. But is this the best way to go? Using hierarchical taxonomies for this kind of classification?

    2) use product attributes: a genre attribute with multiple values, an artist attribute with multiple values and a label attribute with a value.

    3) add custom taxonomies (non-hierarchical) to the product page (Genre, Artist, Label) so that they can be added tag-style but still be listed on the page and be sortable by a custom plugin.

    The endpoint is that I would like for visitors to be able to select products by different menus (By Label, By Artist, By Genre) or even a multi-layered search incorporating these options.

    Could anybody advise which is the best way in their experience with Woocommerce and give any tips as to plugins/snippets or articles showing how I could display these drop downs or custom search facilities.

    Many thanks if anyone could share their thoughts.

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