Woocommerce Cart page has wrong extra larges boxes / padding (1 post)

  1. BrockysTV
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I have first tried Woocommerce on a different brand of theme (a non-woo theme) and found this same problem.

    Details: When you go to the View Cart Page, the Boxes are all far too large (there is still only a very small icon as there should be, however there are four or five blank rows above and below the icon).

    See the Cart here: http://hdtv.brockystv.com.au/?page_id=103

    (You will need to add an item first by clicking here: http://hdtv.brockystv.com.au/?product=samsung-ps51f5000 and clicking 'add to cart' button).

    This is a multi site website. The original site (brockystv.com.au) does not use ecommmerce.

    I have looked through all the threads, but just can't seem to find anyone else who has had this issue (Maybe if you can just tell me the correct name of the problem so I can search that? What phrase to use?)

    -I'm not a professional, I'm self taught and have not done a lot with the cPanel files, mostly through WordPress have I made adjustments.

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