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  • I’m using Customizr and WooCommerce and noticed some slight CSS anomalies on the cart and checkout pages, specifically in the tables around the “cart total” and “your order” where the borders/lines of the tables use the theme color.

    Cart Specifics
    The vertical theme color lines on the table are only using the theme color in the first column and do not go all the way across or on the 2nd column. Seems to be the lines above and below “shipping” row.

    The vertical line under the total seems to be extra thick in column 1 rather than the same thickness/height all the way across.

    Checkout Specifics
    Same issue as the cart with the theme color lines only being color in the first column above and below the shipping row.

    Also the theme color line below the total on checkout is also only theme color in the first row not all the way across/the 2nd row.

    This shows up on the demo site, and (you have to add something to the cart first) so it appears to be something with the base theme rather than any customizations I have done. Although I know a few CSS basics to adjust things and inspecting elements via browser tools, I haven’t been able to isolate this one so I can correct it with some extra CSS in my child theme.

    If anyone can assist with posting something to clean this up that would be great and then hopefully it could be built into the core theme as well at some point.

    Thanks in advance, Simon

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  • Reported to Developers

    Hello that’s ’cause the theme CSS has this rule which styles the border bottom color of the <th> element in a table:

    You can override it this way:

    .entry-content .woocommerce table th { border-bottom: none;}

    to revert it.
    Hope this helps.

    better selector

    Thank you both. Hopefully the Dev team can address this and the override solution provided certainly works and makes things much better visually.


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