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  • Hi,
    I’ve searched all over in forums, etc., and tried various things (below). Even deleted and reinstalled woocommerce. I’m no php pro, so I’m struggling to find what the issue might be. Any help is really appreciated!!

    What’s happening:
    The shop and products pages work great. Items can be added to the cart. But when you want to go to the cart, it only has a few buttons and shows the footer image 3-4 times. Same on checkout page. Last night I got the cart to appear by going to woocommerce settings/pages page, and deselecting any page as correlating to “cart” … but I know that’s not even correct! So, that really puzzles me.

    The history:
    We originally tried another commerce plugin. It has since been deleted.
    I tried adding php text and tried to do the fixes described here:
    But, they didn’t seem to work either.

    I can send you any php text, etc that might help!
    I’m taking over this project from someone else. Am familiar with html, and web admin, but php is still a little like Greek to me.

    Thank you!!!

    Oh, my website….

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