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  • Hi,
    I have a friend who is using wooCommerce and has asked me about extending its capabilities but I have not used it before, so I thought I would ask here!

    What they want to do is when a customer adds a certain amount of products to their cart (lets say 10 widgets) they are flagged as becoming a member (different status user). They also want a different price (per widget) to be applied to the total in their cart (eg non-members get widgets at $x and members get widgets at $y. They items in their cart can be 10 or more of the same product type or a variety of product types (eg they could have 5 of widget A, and 5 of widget B, totalling 10 widgets). They also want to be able to keep a count of total widgets this user/member has ordered in the past, as they could give away promotional items to members who order x amount of products (in total or before a certain date).

    Can I please get an idea if the above is possible with the standard wooCommerce plugin or would I have to customise code to make this happen?


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  • Roy Ho


    Yes you would need totally customized code to do what you asked. However I am seeing an issue with that logic. You said their member status will changed based on the amount of products they put in the cart. But what happens if you they don’t go through with it? So instead of how many they put in their cart, shouldn’t it be how many they have already purchased?

    Sorry, yeah, it would of course mean products they have purchased.
    Does anyone know if any of this could be achieved or if this is something that could be achieved with another plugin? eg I have used AlphaUserPoints for Joomla which had rules-based integration with other components. If not could this be something developers could add into future builds?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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