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    Support has ignored my question (+ followup emails) since 19 march and i was hoping someone in here could help?
    I payed for “Analytify Pro + WooCommerce Addon” so that i could look at my stats in analytics. But this plugin puts the conversions source/medium as “Direct” and not “google / cpc”. Should it do this? if no, how can i fix it?

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    hey @woober

    Apologies, I was traveling (It was a looong flight) and couldn’t reply earlier.
    I just replied to your ticket.


    So that others can benefit from the reply “We run Google AdWords too but transactions don’t show up in Google Analytics. This is not our plugin issue, this is how GA and Adwords work. You need to go to Google Adwords to see the stats of your Paid Campaigns. Hope you understand it.”

    So you are telling me, its not possible to show adwords campaigns correctly in analytics? If yes, why do they show it in analytics?

    Do monsterinsights.com also not work with this? is it a general issue?

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    This is what I got from my Marketing expert.

    Just to mention, Analytics never shows cost-data from AdWords correctly and AdWords data gets identified as an organic or referral medium in Analytics reports. Recently, Analytics got a little bit better, still, the lot of limitation. This is why we don’t bother much about AdWords reports in Analytics.

    You can ask Monster guys about that. I think it is a general issue. I will update you if I got more information.


    I just got a reply from monsterinsights:

    Thanks for reaching out.
    Thats sounds like an incorrectly written plugin or otherwise a bug.
    The source/medium should show correctly for Adwords an Analytics.
    For organic search there is some data that google attributes to “direct” because of privacy etc. but for Adwords data Google should attribute that to CPC.

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    I guess there is some misunderstanding.

    What we wanted to say is, source/medium for Adwords shows correctly but not the cost data associated with it in Google Analytics.

    and our plugin just pulls the source/medium from Google.

    Why isnt it workin for you? Monsterinsights say that he can confirm, that it is working for them?
    Mine shows 3 transactions under compaigns. two of them i know (special payment option, whichs people rarely uses). If it works some times, then it sounds like a plugin issue

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    I think you should try them and analyze it.

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