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  • I am currently working on a project that uses woocommerce, the client reported a problem with the add media button on posts and pages,.

    What happens is that you click the button, the WordPress pop-up appears but there are no images in the pop-up even though there are images in the media library.

    Upon trying to find the source of this problem i started by disabling all the sites plugins, the problem has gone, after enabling the plugins one by one it was woo that broke the site.

    Has anyone had this bug before ?

    WordPress: 3.5.1,
    Woocommerce: 1.6.6

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  • I also currently have a totally non functioning Add Media button on a site I’m setting up with wordpress 3.51, woocommerce 2.0.6. and the woo theme called ‘Function’
    I’m going to do some experimenting on a test site to see whether the button stops working when I install woocommerce, and whether it only happens with the Woo Function theme, but woocommerce was the last thing I installed on the site with the broken add media button.

    After upgrade of woocommerce to 2.0.8 the add media button is working again, hooray. Shows the value of doing nothing for a week. I didn’t get as far as reporting the bug (if it was) to woothemes but maybe others did.

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