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    I’m having problems getting translations to work for the WooCommerce Attributes field. This is a user entered field for setting categories for variable use products. So if you have variable prices, its the label for the various options.

    Anyway, if I try with either code blocks for setting the language, either “[:en]” or “<!–:en–>” they don’t work. The latter just disappears, similar to a problem I had with widgets earlier. The former just keeps everything in the title as if its regular text.

    You can see what I mean by viewing this page…

    You can see after the description where it has put all the code into the block and wasn’t able to switch it based on the languages selected.

    I tried looking up the classes, and id’s that make this field too, but after testing “label” it didn’t help.

    What should I try next?

    I am also currently using the “IM8 qTranslate WooCommerce” plugin for all the general WooCommerce options and it seems to be working fine for now. Probably unrelated, but I thought it would be good to point out.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    where do you put “label” ID or Class?

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    try “license-options” under ID

    I sugegst you use qTranslate support for woocommerce I had this problem with mqTranslate and it solved this block code issue. You will see the block code in the admin panel when you add it in the attribute but not on front end.
    I haven’t tried with qTranslate X so far

    Plugin Author John Clause


    Please, try using the latest version of -X from GitHub, which you can download with ‘Download ZIP’ button on GitHub page or press here for the sake of convinience, with the latest Woocommerce 2.3.5, and new plugin “WooCommerce & qTranslate-X” which you can also download here.

    Thanks for the feedback everybody. The last option, posted by John is what worked for me. Adding the new plugin “WooCommerce & qTranslate-X” along with updating all my other plugins eventually allowed me to use the single line translating code “[:en]” and “[:hr]” directly in the attributes field in WooCommerce. I tested it on my site and it switches exactly as I need it to.

    Thanks again!

    I confirm that latest version of qtranslateX works fine with woocommerce 2.3.5 and also works with qtranslatesupportforwoocommerce plugin if you have it already installed. I made the migration with 2 clicks only this time.

    Thanks John and all other for this support


    Plugin Author John Clause


    directly in the attributes field in WooCommerce

    Could you tell me which page this field is in and what is the exact name of the field? Maybe you can do a screenshot? We may be able to enable Language Switching Buttons for it, like it is done for many other fields.

    Something to keep in mind is that the settings I needed to get working, which now are, will only appear on a variable product in WooCommerce. That is, something that has multiple price options. Also, the pipe character “|” is the WooCommerce seperator so it knows where the next item is. You probably know this already, but this could be good info for anyone reading this.

    Keeping that in mind, the screenshot is here …

    To get to the Product Data section, its just under the title and main area for the product info, I had to scroll down a bit in the screenshot.

    These fields (in the screenshot) get passed on to build the Variations list (the next tab down) which becomes the drop down menu on the actual product page for choosing a pricing option.

    All of the entries I have there are working on the site, and can be seen in action here…

    Let me know if it works out, that would be pretty sweet. Might save people some time down the road.

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