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  • We implemented this plugin last week. It has completely stopped our bot registrations and spam comments. However it’s also stopping real customers.

    We are current on WP and Cerber versions. WooCommerce is at version 3.3.5.

    Customers can add items to their cart. But after submitting order at the checkout screen they get “attempt to register denied”. I just tried it from my whitelisted IP address and it fails there too.

    Watching the traffic inspector I can see the customer’s action for /checkout and the “attempt to register denied” with Bot Detected next to it. The customer is at a US state government location and that is all visible in the IP report. I got the same error and status when placing an order from my IP address, saying Bot Detected.

    If I deactivate the plugin then the order process works as it should.

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  • Plugin Author Gioni


    What are the URL logged for for those ““attempt to register denied” with Bot Detected next to it.” events? You can send a screenshot here:

    Probably enabling “Safe mode – Use less restrictive policies (allow AJAX)” helps. It’s located on the Antispam settings page.

    Thanks. I sent a screenshot and enabled SafeMode.

    Plugin Author Gioni


    Do you use a plugin to enable automatic user registration on the checkout page?

    No extra plugins. Just Woocommerce. We have Customer Registration enabled for the Checkout and My Account pages.
    I submitted a screenshot on your form.

    Plugin Author Gioni


    Then enabling “Safe mode – Use less restrictive policies (allow AJAX)” will work fine. Otherwise, let me know.

    I have safe mode enabled, but a customer called to say they are getting the same error. I just tried to make a purchase from my whitelisted IP address and got the error also.

    “Error: Couldn’t register you… please contact us if you continue to have problems.”

    In the Cerber Dashboard I see “Attempt to register denied” in red from my IP. If I click on my IP it shows “Bot detected” in gray.

    Another bit of info. We use an abandoned cart plugin for WooCommerce. For my test, even though the site couldn’t register my account, the abandoned cart plugin did catch the email address from the checkout process and sent me a cart reminder.

    Plugin Author Gioni


    Could you get me that “abandoned cart plugin” for tests?

    Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce

    Not sure why this ticket is marked resolved. I had to deactivate the plugin so my customers could complete their orders. In the two days it’s been off we’ve had dozens of fake registrations, some spam comments, and undeliverable account confirmation email notifications. I think those bounced emails are hurting our email sender scores. Your plugin had stopped all that bot and spam stuff, but at the expense of our legitimate customers.

    I don’t know what started this fake traffic for us in February, but it’s slowly getting worse. I’m really needing a solution here. I can provide you with a temp admin login if it would help you to diagnose the plugin. Just let the know.

    Plugin Author Gioni


    I’m sorry, it was done by mistake. I reopened it.



    ANy news on this? I am interested in the topic. We use this plugin with WooCommerce on several sites, and till now we didn’t detect any problems.

    Never used the ‘Abandoned Cart Plugin…’ though.

    I am having the same login issue with the HOUZEZ real estate theme. When I deactivate wpcerber the functionality works. It is a popup plugin registration feature that allows social login…

    It sounds like this is the same issue… Anyone figure out a work around?

    Let me know hen this is resolved I moved to another plugin which does not prevent social registration…thanks

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