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  • Olli Mustonen


    I need a book store to sell books. The books are sold per campaign, meaning a customer receives campaign mail and URL trough witch he/she can see the books included in this campaign. Customer can then choose the books and a free giveaway (freebie, gift etc.) on top of that.

    So basically I have a range of books (lets say a hundred books) and I need to select only about 20 books per campaign. And I also have about 10-15 free gifts that are meant only for the campaigns, not sold separately. From this gift selection I need to choose about three gifts per campaign for the customer to choose from. This gives me total of 20 books plus three gifts per campaign.

    Customer can only buy limited amount of books (this is an exact number, usually 3) and choose the free gift per purchase. The total price is fixed and the order has fixed delivery fee.

    So I need the ability to make this kind of campaign page with unique URL that has the books available and the free gifts to choose from. On top of all of the above I need to have multiple campaigns (usually 3-5) running at the same time. And to conclude all this, I won’t be selling single books, only campaign based (buy three books and get free gift to choose from).

    Here’s what I need in short:
    * unique URL for the campaign page,
    * library of books to choose to the campaign,
    * library of free gifts to choose to the campaign
    * one book or gift can be in multiple campaigns
    * multiple campaigns running at same time
    * campaigns have start and end date
    * single purchase of books is not allowed
    * gift products are only free gifts, not to be sold separately

    Now, the real question is: Is this possible with WooCommerce? I looked some add-ons for WooCommerce and I’m not sure if they do the job. Or can I use somekind of WooCommerce keyword or category “thingy”? Here are the add-ons that I’ve looked and some comments regarding my case:

    CHAINED PRODUCTS – no, because it automatically adds the “chained” product to cart.

    PRODUCT BUNDLES – maybe, how can I add the per campaign-based free gift

    FORCE SELLS – no, can’t “force” anything… customer has freedom to choose the books of his/her choise and the free gift of choise (from the range of books and gifts selected for the campaign)

    GROUPED PRODUCTS – is this the one, this has grouping and possibly a unique URL for that group? Can I group books a,b,c and d together as a campaign number1 and books c,d,e and f together as a campaign number2? So one product in two or more groups, is it possible?

    COMPOSITE PRODUCTS – not for my shop, right?

    Bit lost here, so any help would be nice.

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