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    I’ve been having serious technical problems with woocommerce for the past week.
    Orders and total earnings on the mobile app do not appear correctly. The orders seem to be more or less than they are. This issue exists in both the mobile app and the desktop panel.
    This problem occurred after updating the plugin and the app to the latest version. Now I replaced the plugin with the old version but the problem still persists.

    For example; There are 10 real orders, but it looks like there are 6 orders on both the mobile app and the wordpress panel. The data on daily, weekly and monthly order numbers and total earnings are also not correct. Sometimes it displays correctly, but when I refresh the page, it goes back to its original state.

    I would be grateful if you could solve the problem urgently.

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    Hi @zngntr

    It’s possible that the issue could be related to a cache or a synchronization problem between your mobile app, desktop panel, and server. Here’s what I recommend:

    1. Clear the cache on your mobile app and browser. This can often resolve discrepancies in data display.
    2. Ensure your mobile app and desktop panel are both fully updated. You mentioned that you reverted to an old version of the plugin, but this could potentially cause compatibility issues with the latest app version.
    3. Check your server’s error logs for any issues that might be affecting the data synchronization.

    If the problem persists after these steps, we may need to investigate further. Could you please provide us with more detailed information such as screenshots of the issue and any error messages you may be receiving?

    Additionally, please can you share a copy of the following:

    • System Status Report: navigate to WooCommerce → Status. Select Get system report and then Copy for support.
    • Fatal Error log: Share a copy of any fatal error log found under WooCommerce → Status → Logs.

    You could copy and paste your reply or share it via https://pastebin.com/ and send the link here. This will help us investigate further and provide you with a more accurate solution.

    Let us know how that goes. Looking forward to helping you.

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    I tried the methods you suggested but it didn’t work. The system broke down in August, and at the beginning of September it started measuring correctly again for the first week, but it broke down again even though I didn’t touch anything.
    I can’t see how much money I earned in total this month. In fact, 0 orders appear in the first 10 days. This puts my business in a really difficult situation. Please help me solve the problem.

    Error Logs:



    Hi @zngntr ,

    Can you please do the following, in this same order, and see if this resolves the issue:

    • Navigate to Analytics → Settings, scroll down to Date type , and select Date Created on the dropdown:
    • Navigate to WooCommerce → Status → Tools, and click on Clear Analytics Cache
    • Import Historical Data

    Let us know how this goes!

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    Thanks. Its worked.

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    Hi @zngntr

    Thanks. Its worked.

    I’m thrilled to know that the provided steps worked for you! It’s fantastic to see that your orders and earnings are now correctly displayed on both your mobile app and desktop panel.

    I’ll go ahead and mark this thread as resolved. However, if you ever have more questions or issues in the future, don’t hesitate to kick off a new topic.

    We’d be thrilled if you could spare a few minutes to leave us a review at 👉 https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/woocommerce/reviews.


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