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  • HI All,

    I am making a custom index page for my wordpress website which will generate some custom order name and price according to user input.
    And it is working fine and i am getting the price.

    What i want to do is to send the name of product and price to the woocommerce site from wordpress index.php page.

    Is this possible, if yes how can i achieve this?

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  • Orders and Products are different things. Do you mean that you want the product with it’s price to be put in a shopping cart for the user??

    You might want to ask about this on the WooCommerce support forums.

    Well, i want to create a custom product which is not in db of woocommerce, It will be a form on homepage and user fill some data and a price will generate and then it shows a option to add to cart.

    There is a WooCommerce feature called “Product Variations” that allows the customer to specify attributes of a product (ex: tshirt size or color), which can have different prices. You can also use the Gravity Forms WordPress plugin with WooCommerce to make fancier integrated forms if you need to.

    However, this all requires that the base product be in the WooCommerce database already. Could you perhaps have a super-basic generic Woo product to hang this off of?

    If you truly need to generate Woo products on-the-fly, I don’t know of an extension that does that, although there could be one. You might need custom code to achieve what you are after.

    Good luck!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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