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    I have had problems with all cacheing engines failing to work correctly with woocommerce because the cart is on every page of the site and it can not be cached as it needs to be dynamic.

    How can I use falcon with woocommerce and exclude the shopping cart from caching?

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    I’d love to help you fix this. I don’t use woocommerce, so please drop me an email at which will create a ticket in our support system which I can track and use to get this issue resolved.



    @simonmc Would love to get some updates on how you went with woo commerce and the exclusions..

    @pckeys I got an email from Mark telling me they were going to include support for Woocommerce because it is such a popular ecom platform for wordpress but I have not had any feedback since.

    I would not not be surprised if it was just too big a deal because the real problem with all these cacheing solutions is that the cart and checkout which are completely dynamic and exist on every page.

    Any update on this Mark?

    I got a reply to pre-sales enquirey from mark on 29th that:

    “You may have to add cache exclusions for Wordfence Falcon to be compatible with Woo. “

    However there is another reply to a question on woo commerce compatibility here:

    where mark says it is compatible…. :S

    Very confused, holding off on installing/buying premium lic till I can get some clarity here.

    What cache exclusions would they be? If you have the cart and the checkout on every page what is the point then of excluding every page. It does not make sense. Perhaps Mark can add some instruction or clarity here.


    I would assume that falcons exclusions are like any other caching program…

    where it is the dynamic content (js/ajax scripts names and querry strings) that are added as exclusions rather than a page..

    this is the way W3TC currently works with my woo commerce install

    I am still awaiting what those exclusions are.

    @simonmc by the way, woo commerce sets the constant “DONOTCACHEPAGE” on cart and checkout pages (as well as order received and account pages)

    You can check the header responses using something like “”

    Just enter your cart page or checkout page

    which would return something like;
    no-cache, must-revalidate, max-age=0

    The only question is if falcon respects the constant “DONOTCACHEPAGE”

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    Yes we do. Please see the lib/wfCache.php source where you’ll find that the current version respects: DONOTCACHEPAGE

    Also just want you to know that we’re going to be adding official support for Woo in an upcoming release.



    great stuff… thanks mark.

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    Hi, just an update on this.

    I’ve inspected WooCommerce’s source code. They have actually done a great job of already telling caching plugins what not to cache. They have an entire class devoted to it which you can find in their source code at:


    We fully support and respect the constants they set when they tell us what we should not cache and I have tested this.

    However if you have a situation where you’re including the contents of your customer’s shopping cart on every page, then you should disable caching whether you’re using Wordfence or some other caching plugin. The reason for this is because you’ve now made your site completely dynamic and it’s not possible for us to cache those pages because they change on a per-customer basis.

    Remember that if only part of your site has dynamic content – like everything under /shopping/ then you can just add that URL as an exclusion to Falcon cache and everything will still work fine.

    I love WooCommerce and the team has produced a great product, so we are now officially supporting WooCommerce alongside Wordfence. What this means is that:

    1) Free Wordfence users can post quests here about Woo and Wordfence and expect a repsonse.

    2) Paid customers can post priority support tickets with us asking questions regarding WooCommerce and Wordfence compatibility and we’ll give you a timely response as always.



    Plugin Author Wordfence


    A further update:

    Please see this page in our documentation where we go into some detail on how to make sure Wordfence is compatible with WooThemes. The function we describe wordfence::doNotCache() will be included in Wordfence 5.1.1 which will be released within the next 48 hours.



    On my page when you add an item to the art you can not get rid of it.

    You will see at the top right a shopping cart that dynamically shows what is in the cart. How would I go about and exclude this? Well that and the actual shopping cart form caching.

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    Hi @cotec,

    I tried to check your site but it appears to be down right now.



    So I thought the problem was Nginx and turned the service off and it didn’t change anything. so… still same problem.

    It looks like it is not wordfence. For some reason the cart does not let me erase things even with all cache turned off. So… I am at a loss. That is why I am looking at Nginx. Only that that has changes…

    don’t know where which file to edit. But again… not your fault not your problem.

    Why does the cache clear every time someone places an order?

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