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    Hello, I am maintaining a site with WooCommerce and while orders are being placed and recorded in the dashboard, the analytics section is displaying no data.

    Any ideas on why that is?

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  • I just updated to 5.2.2 and have lost visibility to some reporting again. The last update was smoother and I could see performance and charts for any period, now that is not functioning. I can see the settings information still, which is different than two versions ago.

    I’ve never had the analytics work right since they brought them out. At least I could track sales then plug prior dates in. With 5.2.2 yesterday, I get the “triangle” too. Woo is good, but this is bad. Totally useless and when I look for answers, they say there are no known issues. Wrong…thanks for playing. “Maybe a plugin is conflicting.” Ding, ding, ding…wrong again. “Download your stats again.” A hundred times later, no exaggeration, that NEVER works. So, I’m not holding my breath until a miracle fix just appears and I see stats.

    Mine only reflects number of orders placed that day after mid night, it’s no longer showing a real time report of orders and this is not good, please you guys should fix this.

    I have also this problem mine is stop showing a few months ago

    If i run the laste 24 hours it doesnt do anything

    See picture

    My experience is similar to @dougrees’ report. I cannot see YTD vs. Previous Year data in the Performance section of the Overview. I can see other comparisons to the Previous Year in this area. I just cannot see YTD.

    I can confirm the same problem on multiple sites with different plugins, themes, etc.

    I don’t know if they fixed analytics or if something I did is helping but I seem to be seeing what is expected now. I use SiteGround and changed two things; stopped using NGINX and removed the plugin SG Optimizer. These changes fixed a bunch of things for us and I find that Analytics seems to be functioning now. They may not be connected but if you are using this setup you might try it.

    @dougrees changing the server stack is not an option at all. Nor any type of cache system. The plugin needs to work regardless.

    I agree @zeinnicholas with this concept but I have had multiple issues with SG Optimizer. It does not seem realistic for a company to make sure their plugin is compatible with every other plugin either.

    If you can confirm that there is a problem with the compatibility at least WooCommerce could use that information to see what might be causing the conflict.

    Anyone has a fix for this?

    Hi. I’m experiencing same issue since moving from SiteGround to GreenGeeks. When I go to the Analytics Overview I get the big triangle warning signs after a little wait and the error messages saying please try again.

    If I view each individual analytics page like ‘products’ or ‘revenue’ they all work – just fails on ‘Overview’.

    When I check the browser dev console / network tab (F12), I see the ajax requests getting HTTP 503 errors back. When I check the hosting live stats when requesting the summary page, I see the CPU and Memory for the server max’ing out! I have 1Gb memory and what ever CPU I get on the shared hosting.

    So it seems that the summary page is putting too much load on the server. GreenGeeks is not a ‘discount’ hosting service so I wouldn’t expect this.

    Could the summary page be made more efficient in terms of server resources?

    Hello @colinfroggatt, have you shared this directly with support at WooCommerce? They were very responsive to the questions I had when I was having a problem. I don’t think that they were able to help though it is working for me right now. They did want to help though.

    i have the same issue on one of my websites. No analytics data

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    Hello @rbalascak,

    Please create your own topic and we’ll be happy to assist you further there.


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