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  • Hey there,

    So I have a registration form for some on-line courses, the registered users for these courses are maintained by an external web-service and are registered via their API… before someone is registered they must complete a payment (via woo commerce & eWay) as part of the registration form.

    So on submit I need to process the payment and then, providing the payment is a success, submit the user registration details to the API. eWay will provide a response code from the bank to signify how the payment was processed… I presume woocommerce will deal accordingly with this response code on the fly… but I need to figure out how it does so I can submit the user registration info to this API.

    Any advice on that would be greatly appreciated…


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  • Ok, no love… worked out how I’m going to deal with the above now, so that’s no worries.

    But, I now need to confirm I can just use the wooCommerce hooks to pull the payment form in to a larger registration form… is that possible and is anyone aware of any potential security risks that may be opened?

    I literally only need wooCommerce for product management and payment processing via eWay, so no user accounts or anything as registrant data will be managed in the external student management system… so basically, do people have to be registered within WordPress to purchase something?

    Thanks for any help, much appreciated…

    Ok so please ignore the above…

    I can customise the checkout form to have my registration details as well using the methods found here:

    So basically all I’d need to do is work up a filter that submits the registration details to the API once the payment has been processed correctly.

    So is there a hook or filter I can use that will allow me to run some code once payment is successful??

    Help would seriously be awesome, this is the final piece of the puzzle me thinks…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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