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  • Woocommerce – Adjusting Thumbnail Crop Positioning

    Is there any way to adjust the crop position of a thumbnail image in woocommerce?

    I am cropping my images hard cropped in a square shape, however sometimes I lose vital elements in the full size image and I need to know how the thumbnail image crops can be adjusted in woocommerce?

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  • Roy Ho


    When you upload an image, you can use the WP native editor to crop the image how you like it. Have you tried that?

    Not yet. Thank you.

    If I could piggyback on this topic… I also am losing important information (at the top of the uploaded file) when WooCommerce auto generates a thumbnail. Cropping works to create a different general image, but doesn’t seem to create a new thumbnail. Hopefully, I’m just missing something simple. It appears that the thumbnail is generated from the center of the image with a defined height and width, which is fine. But would work better if I could move the region it selects to the top of the uploaded image.

    Thanks for whatever help you can offer.

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    Has anyone found a fix for this? Cropping with the media editor works but woocommerce doesnt use the newly cropped image for its thumb. Ive tried regenerating thumbs and that doesnt help.

    Edit: Actually, I dont think its a woocommerce issue. The media uploader doesnt use the newly cropped image. hmm.

    Roy Ho


    From what I know this has nothing to do with WC. WC doesn’t handle images. It is all done via WP.

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