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  • Hello, I am creating a woocommerce website using the PrimaShop theme.
    I have several categories and products.
    I am trying to make a single product that is viewable in several categories, for example:
    Product A is to be seen in Category A and Category B, however I get issues with the URL and breadcrumbs not show the correct parent category.

    However after speaking with support, they advised me to have a single category ie Category A, and put Product A in there and just define different attributes instead, here is what I did:

    1 – Created a single category called ‘Clothing’
    2 – Created an attribute called ‘Disciplines’
    3 – Created Terms such as ‘Karate’ ‘Taekwondo’ ‘Kickboxing’
    4 – Opened up Product A, selected category ‘Clothing’
    5 – Made variable product and added attribute ‘Disciplines’
    6 – Added the values ‘Taekwondo’ and ‘Karate’ (as this is where the product needs to go)
    7 – Added the Product Category ‘Clothing’ to my menu under each Discipline (so navigation goes – Discipline—Karate—Clothing AND Discipline—Taekwondo—Clothing AND Discipline—Kickboxing—Clothing
    8 – Now when you go onto the site and go Discipline—Karate—Clothing AND Discipline—Taekwondo—Clothing the product is there which is great…..However the product still appears on Discipline—Kickboxing—Clothing even though the attribute was not set for Kickboxing?

    Any advice would be great.

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