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  • My WooCommerce store has a single product line — wool — and the 150 or so wool colors each have their own page, and are presented alphabetically on the Shop page(s). I want to add a second line of products — let’s say it was designs or auto tires or anything at all. I would want the new products to be made available alphabetically as well, though on their own Shop page. Preferably, the site navigation would continue to list “Shop” as a choice, with two primary sub-choices: Wool and Designs. I started to set up a new page — Designs — and went to copy whatever code was in the default “Shop” page. But there is no code there at all.

    Is there a recommended method of setting up a new “home” page for a new set of products, so that shoppers who want to browse through wool will see nothing but wool, while shoppers who want to shop for the new item will see only that?

    The site is, if that is helpful at all.

    Many thanks for your consideration.

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  • create a category for designs
    You can modify the loop for the shop page so that the designs category is excluded, and you can have another page just for the designs category and use this shortcode:
    [product_category category=”designs”]

    Thank you for your quick response (and for all the helpful ideas you’ve added to this forum; I’ve read many of them as I have taught myself how to use this plugin. 🙂 )

    I did create a category for designs and a page for that category with the shortcode in text. Would you mind nudging me in the general direction of where I would “modify the loop for the shop page”?

    Hey Sunandwindfarm,

    Did you ever find the solution to your problem? I’m having the same problem, but I don’t see that a solution was ever posted. Please share. Thanks.

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