• The add to cart & info button aren’t always displaying in all web browsers. On my computer at home it works in Firefox, but not in Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer 11. On my computer at work it displays in Chrome but not Firefox & Internet Explore 11 or Safari. I was told for many people it isn’t display in any of the web browser.

    Any suggestion how to fix this issue? The products are all set up as simple products. There is no tax or shipping setup do to it’s not required.


    Thank You,

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  • I couldn’t see add-to-cart buttons when using Firefox or Chrome. They are not there in the page markup.

    Please check that “Manage stock” is unchecked at:
    Dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Inventory

    Try disabling all other plugins and switch to the default theme. Do the add-to-cart button show now?

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    Thanks for the response. The Manage stock was checked so I unchecked it & that didn’t work.

    I already tried the deactivate & reactivate a previous theme & the buttons do appear in all the web browsers in the old theme before I redid the website with this theme. I have opened a ticket with Kallyas theme but have not heard from them on this. This is the shopping cart that came with the theme. Any other suggestions? I need to get this resolved.

    Thanks again.

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    – did you specifically try the Kallyas + WooCommerce and no other plugins combination, & did that work or not?

    – Dashboard > WooCommerce > System Status > Tools tab, & click 2 x clear transients buttons

    – put define('WP_DEBUG', true); in wp-config.php and see if any notices or warnings show up.

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