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  • I have a question about the ability to create multi-step forms for a single product. Lets say i let people customize the things they wish to print and order (printshop) and for this to happen i want users to:

    Step 1 Select type of product (book, flyer)
    Step 2 Select the size of specified product each product has a number of sizes and shapes
    Step 3 Select the finishing trim on the side of the book and or flyer
    etc. etc. (like about 20 steps that are all connected to this base product (step 1 selection)

    Is this possible with woocommerce ?

    The reason i am asking this is since i know its possible by coding it myself from scratch (using a framework like laravel) but this of course would take for this specific client to long and cost to much. They have an existing wordpress website and would like to see an order system integrated with payment options.

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  • Woocommerce would NOT be your best choice for this. It could sell the end product, and you can offer “options” or “variations” of the product as drop-down menus, but you will not be able to walk site visitors through the purchase process page by page. It seems that what you are trying to do is quite a bit more complex than what any stock plugin will do straight out of the box.

    I have spent a good deal of time with wooCommerce and have never seen that functionality referred to in the documentation or within the plugin itself.

    Roy Ho


    Yes absolutely. You can achieve exactly this with this plugin

    3 very important questions about that plugin (since i had seen it) are:

    1: Can you force people to fill in all the steps? so a form can not be submitted without finishing all 20 or so steps.
    2: Can you discount the price based on quantity so ordering 500 of size 2 is cheaper then ordering 100 of size 2?
    3: Does it have the ability to make the form multipage ? Its not a requirement since i could do some stuff with javascript to get a similar effect but it would be the preferred way to have each step be a separate page.

    Roy Ho


    1. Yes

    2. There is a plugin called WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing which works exactly what you stated however I am not sure if it will work inconjunction to the Composite product plugin.

    3. It does not have this option.

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