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  • Hey!

    I have a problem with WooCommerce.
    I want to sell a product that got a lot of attributes and options (variations) connected with it. So product got 3 attributes and each one got A, B and C option (variation).
    So we have something like htis:

    1A 1B 1C
    2A 2B 2C
    3A 3B 3C

    I want the product to run as default as 1A 2A 3A (all must be picked) and cost, 100$. When 1A-2B-3A is picked it costs 110$. With 1B-2B-3A its 120$. 1B-2B-3C costs 140$. So picking option A keeps the price steady, picking B adds to basic prize (100$) 10$, picking C adds 20$.

    What i found is to add all atribiuts and all options to it and then add the prize to ALL possible combinations. So i set the price for 1A-2A-3A for 100, set 1B-2A-3A fopr 110$, 1C-2A-3A for 120$ and so on. Bur the product I have got around 10 attributes each with 3 to 7 options. That gives thousands of combinations. Undo-able!

    Can someone tell me if me vision of it is possible and HOW to do it?
    Since I cant find it…

    Thanks a lot,

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