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  1. RLL18
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    I am using woocommerce and want to know if there is a way to charge a shipping fee if a customer purchases one item, but waive the fee if they purchase 2 or more items?? Any help is appreciated.

  2. RLL18
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  3. kmessinger
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    Bumping is bad form.

    If you have a question about woo anything go to their support.


  4. RLL18
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    You can not post there unless you pay money, that is why I asked here.

  5. kmessinger
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    Unless one of the volunteers here knows something about it there won't be a lot of help here. From the plugin site,

    The full user guide and API Docs can be viewed here.

    Bug Reports and contributions
    Don't post bug reports here - use the issue tracker on GitHub: https://github.com/woothemes/woocommerce/issues

    Feature Requests
    Feature requests should be posted on the ideas board here.

    If you do need support, before posting check the WooCommerce > System Status page. This can often reveal errors which you may not know about.
    We'll occasionally stop by here, but your much more likely to get support via support.woothemes.com

    And remember..
    WooCommerce is open source so any support is welcome from the community :) Be it spreading the word, contributing to core, or just helping other users; your support is much appreciated.

    Please remember to rate WooCommerce if you like it, and also click the 'works' button on the plugin page to report WC working with your versions.

    And if you do click the 'broken' button let us know why its broken so we can help you and others.

    Thanks and I hope you enjoy working with WooCommerce!


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