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    WordPress shows a warning:
    Heads up! The versions of the following plugins you’re running haven’t been tested with WooCommerce 4.0. Please update them or confirm compatibility before updating WooCommerce, or you may experience issues:

    Plugin Tested up to WooCommerce version
    User Registration WooCommerce 3.8

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  • donmcleman


    Can I add my voice to this thread. The new version of Woocommerce was introduced ages ago and I’m waiting on this plugin to update. Do you have date in mind or should I go ahead and update woocommerce anyway?

    By the way, this is a great little plugin that’s worth waiting for, especially as my site isn’t live yet.

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    Deepak Sharma


    Hi @donmcleman, @janmartin3,

    We have admitted it and the fix has been patched too. There’s an update coming soon, maybe in a week or so which will remove the notice so please keep looking for the update.

    However, you can be assured about the plugin and you need not worry about it. We will release a new version soon.




    Thank you!



    Thank you +1

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