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  • Problem with Free Shipping.
    Re. Woocommerce 2.0.5

    The problem: when the Free Shipping Minimum Order Amount is exceeded, the shipping charge is still included in the Order Total.

    In Shipping Items I have the following set-up:
    Shipping Calcs: ‘enabled’
    Shipping Method Display: ‘Select box’
    Shipping Methods: ‘Free shipping’ is dragged to top of list

    In Free Shipping I have the following set-up:
    Enable/Disable: ‘Enable Free Shipping’
    Minimum Order Amount: $30

    In Flat Rate I have the following set-up:
    Enable/Disable: ‘Enable This Shipping Method’
    Cost Per Order: ‘0.00’
    Additional Costs>
    Costs added: “Per Item – charge shipping for each item individually”
    Costs: Shipping class: any class; Cost $3.60

    All initially appears to work fine.
    Add one item to cart – shipping charge = $3.60 (correct)
    Add other item – shipping charge doubles = $7.20 (correct)
    Add a third item – The shipping charge is replaced by ‘select box’ with ‘Free shipping’ item displayed

    However the Order Total now includes $10.80 (i.e. 3 x single item shipping charge)

    On checkout however, this $10.80 does not appear.

    As it is the Cart page is going to put off a lot of my client’s customers from venturing further with their purchase.

    Does anyone have a fix for this or can offer guidance if I’m doing something wrong please?

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