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  • After updating to woocommerce 3.0, all product feature images/galleries on the product pages have become fully transparent. These show as “opacity:0” when inspecting the element through chrome but I cannot find a solution on the WP backend. The lightbox is still active and working as normal, as well as the product icons on the shop home/category/next buttons are working as normal. Has anyone else come across this update issue and found a good solution to it?


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    Latest Update:
    WC has an update that has fixed the missing product images…however, now some (random) pictures are pulling from a smaller thumbnail size and making the feature product image very blurry. When clicked to view lightbox, they are linked to the original size, 600px × 575px, and are perfectly clear. Anyone else run into this?

    RE your post

    How about posting an example link one of you? If there is a conflicting CSS style, we need to see it.

    Perhaps posters don’t want ‘their’ sites bandied around as broken, it doesn’t look good.

    Sorry but me too!

    > opacity: 0; transition: opacity .25s ease-in-out;

    This means it starts opacity 0. I SEE THIS AS WELL empty space instead of image.

    The gallery script then sets opacity to 1.

    I THINK my gallery script is up to date. I compared mine against the linked one below and the highlighted line sets opacity back to 1, visible.

    My issue is that on a product page there is a white space where the image should be (Opacity=0, it does not change to =1 at any point) but it is an active link and when clicked on opens a much larger image.

    Can you suggest anything to try. Can send a staging link in a PM if you wish?

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    robmcp You can use shortlinks 🙂 3.0.1 fixed the fadein if the theme is missing certain classes. Since that fix was rolled out, the only issue I’ve seen has been with caching and themes that are not even using our gallery at all.

    Ok, I have installed 3.0.1 but I still have the issue. I have cleared my cache too :). Here is an actual link to the product with no image showing…


    @graphiclux the image displays well

    I’m using Divi.
    After updating to Woocommerce 3.0.2, my Single Product images are now displaying as slightly transparent when scrolled over :o( Any news on a fix for this bug?

    @figtreedesignstudio please contact the divi developers. They need to modify the theme to be compatible with woocommerce 3

    Hi everyone, i also have troubles with this update. I pasted the suggested css code and on Android devices this works well. On iPhone the image appears for a second or so and then dissapears again. I invested hours in this and it drives me crazy. Anyone suggestions?

    HELLO ALL I WAS HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM. You can add the following to your css .woocommerce div.product div.images.woocommerce-product-gallery{opacity: 1 !important; } to resolve this issue. It doesn’t resolve the Javascript conflict though. Hope I helped, happy coding.

    Hey there,
    Have the same issue with product images not showing.
    They show fine in the shop and category pages but not on the product pages.
    I’ve open the dev console in browser (firefox and chrome) and they show up fine via the console. Plus when I click on where the images should be they load up fine in lightbox.
    They were showing previously so not sure it’s an issue with the theme.
    I’m using Mh Magazine theme.
    Please note that as the problem hasn’t been fixed with thumbnail regeneration I’ve put the main images within the product text itself (so customer can SEE something).
    Any help appreciated,
    Ps. Using Woocommerce 3.0.6

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    Hey, having the same issue with Avada 5.1.6 and the provided CSS snippet doesn’t work.
    here the staging version of the website :

    Please let me know if anyone has found a working solution!



    I have a Child Theme of the WooCommerce Dante theme which I inherited from the webmistress who created the site for my client.

    Product images are wonky on product page since the update.

    Please take a look at the issue and advise…thanks!



    Same problem here… function removal didn’t change a thing…



    Having the same problem on one of our client websites. Updated to woocommerce v 3.0.8 and suddenly all product images aren’t visible. Inspecting them via the browser developer tool they are still there, just not showing.

    Used the suggestion by @mikejolley of the following which worked, now to fix the lightbox next:

    .woocommerce div.product div.images.woocommerce-product-gallery{

    @whiteriverdesign great man, thanks a lot that worked well! Did anyone tell WooCommerce that there was a fix for this issue?


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