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  • After updating to woocommerce 3.0, all product feature images/galleries on the product pages have become fully transparent. These show as “opacity:0” when inspecting the element through chrome but I cannot find a solution on the WP backend. The lightbox is still active and working as normal, as well as the product icons on the shop home/category/next buttons are working as normal. Has anyone else come across this update issue and found a good solution to it?


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  • Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    The gallery script reveals these – I wonder if your theme has dequeued the script responsible?

    I have the same problem on TWO of my websites.

    Once updating to Woocommerce 3.0.0 all my single product images are no longer displayed and v3.0.0 also kills any image LightBox function site-wide.

    If i restore v.2.6.14 all functions return to normal.

    You guys have a problem in the code that is breaking image compatibility on my sites.

    NOTE: the two site I’m referring to are each using completely different themes and sets of plugins. Both have the same image breaking problems when updating to WC 3.0.0.

    Please fix this bug ASAP!

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    It happens to me the same. After the update does not see any photo in single product

    This is the div with opacity:

    <div class=”woocommerce-product-gallery woocommerce-product-gallery–with-images woocommerce-product-gallery–columns-4 images” data-columns=”4″ style=”opacity: 0; transition: opacity .25s ease-in-out;”>

    The same issue here, category images are gone after update.nothing, nada.

    WOW. that’s major fack up guys. Hope fix will be coming soon.

    I’ve just updated and got the same issue. Product image galleries appearing as full size images rather than thumbnails. Lightbox not working either.

    In case it serves someone, I have been able to show the images with this css rule:

    .woocommerce div.product div.images.woocommerce-product-gallery{

    It is not the optimal solution, but it can serve as a temporary measure until the problem is resolved

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    How about posting an example link one of you? If there is a conflicting CSS style, we need to see it.

    > opacity: 0; transition: opacity .25s ease-in-out;

    This means it starts opacity 0.

    The gallery script then sets opacity to 1.

    Thats why I think it’s missing. But this is a theory until someone provides more info rather than joining the “me too” bandwagon 🙂

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    Plugin Author Claudio Sanches


    What theme are you guys using?

    Have you tried to add support for the new image gallery?
    Here how to enable:,-swipe,-lightbox)-in-3.0.0

    Elegant Theme Divi

    and Thrive Themes Storied.

    Both are borked when updated to WC 3.0.0

    Same issue here!
    Site is After installing WooCommerce 3.0, all product images are gone. However, they’re there at the product overview page. When you click at the place where they should be, they open!
    Shite was supposed to go live tomorrow. So I hope there’s a solution soon!

    Theme Etrigan. I tried different themes, no use.

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    Try to switch to regular lets say 2016 theme. When i did all my images were back there. This could be also theme related. Im using Flatsome theme, got all images back by switching off lazy load in advanced theme options.

    Contact your theme authors.

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    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    angelab1984 What browser? I see them unless you fixed already.

    milkod2001 lazyload is possibility. I don’t have access to Divi to confirm. Any free themes affected?


    Looks like shite went alive already today and loads of it :)))

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    milkod2001 let’s cut the profanity out please 🙂

    sorry just spotted some typos, could not resist 🙂 will behave now

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