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  • Original review: My products have as many as 25 product gallery images. Since the update, the thumbnails are taking up my entire page. The user has to scroll way down to view the product description. The main image has a useless zoom feature that I did not ask for and do not want. In order to view the gallery by clicking on the main image, well you can’t. You have to click on the magnifying glass icon, which makes zero sense. Talk about unintuitive.

    There are so many issues on the forums, this particular update just feels like Woo decided to let all the businesses whose livelihoods depend on Woo to beta test an update that was not ready for prime time. I’m probably going to roll back to last version of Woo.

    If Woo 3.0 becomes useable, I will update my review.

    Updated Review: After a lot of communication with theme developer and googling like crazy, I found the answer myself. Making the image gallery more responsive etc for phones is great, but I don’t think the folks at Woo took into consideration that some businesses may have LOT of images for each product. In other words, for a standard product page with 3-6 images, the new gallery looks great. For a product page like ours, where each product has 20-30 images, it was a disaster. My suggestion is that Woo add on the ability to hide thumbnails.

    I believe that my theme dev had actually used a carousel plugin for the product page that he disabled for the Woo update. I’d always assumed it was part of Woo.

    At any rate, this plugin fixed the issue and made my pages look great again. The plug dev made it work with Woo 3.0.

    I also found I could turn off zoom, but the setting was in my Theme’s woocommerce settings rather than in the WP woocommerce settings.

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