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  • Forest Skills


    Has anyone else noticed that since the WooCommerce 2.1 (etc) update the Cardsave (Worldpay) plugin v2.0 doesn’t work?

    I’ve emailed Cardsave advising them of this (and a few other issues with their plugin) and hope to get a response later this morning.

    In the meantime I’m left having to use PayPal (!) 🙁


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  • Just done an update on a site using Cardsave and from checkout it now goes to a 404 – is this the same problem you’re getting?

    Am on the phone to Cardsave right now trying to sort it.

    Cardsave have issued a new version of the plugin. Speak to their support desk on 01472 263595 and they will send you the new version.

    And it works, by the way.

    Is the new version called 2.1.x?

    I believe so, though once installed it says 2.2 in the plugin display in wp admin

    I need to setup cardsave on a WooCommerce site. I am unable to find the extension for download anywhere. Could anyone please link me to it. Thanks!

    Its free to download & share so here it is (via dropbox): [Redacted]

    This is the 2.1.x version (ie the latest).


    MoghillPat – Mine is showing as version 2.1 in the plugin list. Perhaps you have a newer version?


    Query lodged with CardSave/Worldpay IT help desk.

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    Sorry Forest, I’ve removed that link to dropbox. Could you link to the official release page?

    @forest Skills – if you ring the number I posted you get straight through to the developers and they will email you the latest version.

    2.0 is for Woo-Commerce 2.0 compatibility, so 2.1 may work.

    @andrew: There isn’t an official release page 🙁 (at least not one that I’ve ever found).

    @moghillpat: Thanks. I’ve suggested that they a) upload it to WordPress, b) sort the plugin so that it auto advises when there is an update available. Fingers crossed that should get this sorted once and for all.


    Upload it to WordPress – now there’s a thought.

    They are trying to push everyone onto WorldPay now

    That was great. Thanks for the link 🙂

    can someone please send me the link of the new latest version cardsave payment gateway please, that works with the latest woocommerce, or please email it to [Redacted], really desperate!

    Thank you in advance!

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    Please contact the plugin author directly, these forums are here to help with the plugin versions released on

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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