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  • I am getting ready to upgrade to woocommerce 2.0 using the MYSTYILE theme.

    On my test server I updated and I get the Purple warning Block in the back end.
    Your theme does not declare woocommerce support – If you encounter layout issues please read out integration guide or choose a woocommerce theme.

    Mystile is a woocommerce theme hasn’t it been upgraded yet?
    Everything seems to work fine on my test server thou but I get that warning in the back end of wordpress.

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  • Roy Ho


    Don’t worry too much about that message…As long as everything works, you’re fine.

    OK will be upgrading later tonight.
    Thanks for the reply.

    OK found my first problem after the UPGRADE.

    I took a screen how do I fix the double rate bar in the REVIEW tab.

    Also someone said there was a Mystile theme upgrade I am using 1.2.1.
    Is there a newer version and I thought it would tell me there was in the backend?

    There is a newer version Mystile 1.2.6, with Framework 5.5.5. I had Framework 5.5.4 and got a “Warning: invalid argument in foreach() /themes/mystile/functions/admin-functions.php line 3193”. Updating the Framework fixed that problem. I’m also using WC 2.0.2.

    I have in the new FRAMEwork check This will enable notices on your theme options page that there is an update available for your theme..

    But it isn’t telling me there is a new theme?

    Upgraded my theme and still does it.

    Still looking for help with the double rate bar under reviews?
    Where should I look for this code?

    I’m getting ready to do the upgrade too so I will see if I get the double rate bar. I just noticed my framework is old 5.5.1.. must upgrade that too now.

    Am building my first eCommerce site using MYSTILE and Woocommerce. I’m having issues propagating custom pages. E.g. I want to create different pages under the shop page and fill them with products.

    now im using version 1.2.1 and.. i have to upgrade
    how you upgrade new version ???

    I’ve encountered this sort of issue before, and in many cases, you can safely ignore, although there is a potential for layout problems, etc. as a result.

    Within the purple notice box, you can click on “Theme Integration Guide” button to see how WooThemes suggests that you solve this issue. This is the link:

    Essentially there are 2 routes to consider:
    1. Using woocommerce_content() on a custom template
    2. Using hooks (recommended).

    The guide explains it all, and it has helped me solve this issue in the past.

    Initially I thought there was nothing to worry about, and there usually isn’t. But when I started having layout problems, I was forced to read the link I posted above.

    Hope this helps others in a similar situation. Post back if you have further questions.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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