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    Hold off updating to WooCommerce 2.0/2.0.1 if you use CardSave!!

    If you use the CardSave Redirect Payment Gateway and have/plan on updating the shop to version 2.0 or 2.0.1, when clicking on ‘WooCommerce > Settings > …’, ‘visit cart’ or ‘checkout’ you will get a blank screen. Deactivate the CardSave plugin and this is resolved.

    I have just emailed CardSave to advise of this compatibility problem.


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  • Just updated and now stuck with error codes. Whats the best way of getting woocommerce back to 2.0?

    If you didn’t do the full backup process that they suggested you did before you did the upgrade, then either you need to rebuild your website from a backup, or live with it, which is where I am as well. šŸ™


    Ouch. Not looking forward to the rest of this week now!

    Have deactivated the CardSave plugin like you said and at least that gets things working again.

    CardSave helpfully said “Iā€™d encourage you to contact us confirming compatibility when upgrading you ecommerce store.”

    Why don’t you create a paypal a/c for the timebeing if you can only take payment via the web? If not, put a note on the site saying that payments can only be take over the phone, then use the MMS.


    That’s extremely helpful lol.

    Have done that now. The whole point of joining CardSave last October was to eliminate Paypal but not to worry. I also note on their website it says “In partnership with Woocommerce, we provide reliable and secure merchant services.” Great partnership when they have to react to upgrades rather than support them.

    i am using 1.6.6 with no problems

    Currently regressing to 1.6.6 now

    Same issue here too šŸ™ Does anyone know how good Card Save are at keeping on top of their integration plugins with regards to updates?

    I am also having the same issue but its strange cuz I have been always using the 2.0.1 version, and i didnt have any problem. Then I removed the page of “Check out”, then this issue started to occur.

    By the way I cant find any plugin named Cardsave… could anyone tell me how to locate it and desactivate it?

    Sojasoja – if you don’t use Cardsave for your merchant services, you won’t have the plugin.


    right i dont have not instal Cardsave but i got the same problem. after clicking the checkout button a blank page appears…

    So did I.

    Authorise a different payment gateway/method. I renamed “Cheque” to “Pay by phone”, then added a load of text into the description box basically saying sorry, but it’s not my fault and that this is only an interim payment method.


    I’ve just emailed CardSave regarding the lack of a working plugin. Within a few seconds I got the new plugin emailed to me.

    Before I throw my teddies out of the pram at CardSave, does anyone know when the plugin was formally issued? ie how long have I been without a payment gateway whilst still paying for it?


    I’ve not heard anything from them since we contacted them 2 weeks ago. I will chase them up for the plugin now too.

    Both my IT man & I really struggled to get the version 1.x plugin to uninstall. Good luck with it!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)
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