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    Does anyone know how to fix the dropping sidebar issue with the Woocommerce plugin? This only happens on my main shop page (sidebar drops)….checkout and cart pages work great….

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  • ed


    see this

    this is what happens when I add “<div id=\”left-area\”>”

    the sidebar is up but everything drops in the footer (should be in the white background)



    here is the error with the paypal that I’m getting…see this site

    Well, Im sorry but I see no other possibility for the template problem, for the other problem I’m still looking at it (I don’t know yet if I have it), but it’s going to be specific to your setup (check your cache plugins -if you have any- disable them, disable/enable some others that might be conflicting… it’s the hard way but that’s a developer’s life I guess…

    I’ll let you know if I found any other interesting stuff



    I cant work out why WC keeps locking up with a redirect error when you hit the proceed to checkout page.

    Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS): There were too many redirects.

    Any one else get this?


    Did anyone find a solution for this? I have the page.php -> woocommerce.php solution working but would rather use this. I’m using elegantthemes estore. I’ll ask over there too.



    Hi all. I have the same problem of Ed
    I tried all DIV option in hooks but just i fix only the layout (which is a big step forward) but I can not display the side bar.
    Try, try and nothing
    I can not find solutions, because I also am not a programmer.
    Thanks for this thread that has helped me a lot but I need more help. 馃檪



    If you expect any help, you should post a link to your website… 馃槈

    Just wanted to say thanks to @cockpitseeker for posting the function to re-hook the (custom) lay-out structure. Saved me a ton of work. Cheers!

    Hello i hope this simple CSS code works to all of the people who are looking to fix this problem, there is no need to touch the .PHP Codes just add this in the .CSS or in your Themes quick .CSS insert area.
    Added to the custom.css file
    Try this one first if no results try the second one.
    ///Sidebar Fixed CSS Code
    .container .clear {
    clear: right;

    ///Sidebar Fixed CSS Code
    .container .clear {
    clear: none;
    If it worked please reply and let me know good luck.


    ok … so u got a wordpress theme with a sidebar.
    your sidebar is totally messed up. well i guess it is.

    here is the fix.

    go to your wordpress themes folder and open up ‘single.php’ or ‘page.php’ with your favorite editor. notepad works.

    find out what the html code is around this line:
    <?php get_sidebar(); ?>

    yep you got it. there is a div around that line.
    Similar to this maybe:

    <div id="sidebar">
        <?php get_sidebar(); ?>
    </div><!-- End of sidebar -->
    <div class="clear"></div>

    or something else. It’s what you need.

    ok so you now you know what is required.
    there is a file in the woocommerce plugin folder called ‘sidebar.php’.
    The path to the file that needs to be edited can be found here ‘/plugins/woocommerce/templates/shop/sidebar.php’.

    all you need to do is to add the same code that you found in the single.php or page.php file around the line as above.

    to make sure that the file you are about to change does not mess up when updating woocommerce you need to do the following.

    make a folder in your themes folder called ‘woocommerce‘.
    in the ‘woocommerce‘ folder make another folder called ‘shop‘.
    in the ‘shop‘ folder copy the file called ‘sidebar.php‘ into the ‘shop‘ folder.
    edit the copied file and save it.
    so the file should be in the path:
    ‘/themes/<your theme folder>/woocommerce/shop/sidebar.php’

    Ferenc Vas贸czki



    I found a solution for myself, maybe it is works only for me.

    I am using a template by templatemonster.
    My problem was, templatemonster theme added a class to the div id content, named two_third. This class has the following width propertiy: 65.33%

    Ok, so what i need only, to add this class for woocommerce.
    So i did navigate to file: wrapper-tart.php, and add this class to div with id=”content”. And viola, my page is works now.

    Anyway, if you know the with of your sidebar, you can easily set up a new selector for your content, and just insert your class into this {WOOCOMMERCEDIR}templates/shop/wrapper-start.php

    Ferenc Vas贸czki


    Please let me know, if is this helped.

    I could not understand what you were trying to say Ferenc 馃檨

    Ok, here goes my first post!
    I too have been having problems with getting the hooks mentioned above to work. So far, I’ve managed to get the hooks working (ALMOST!) on the site I’m building. The problem is that the pages that use the regular page.php file work fine, but the pages that are known to be the potential trouble makers “shop, single product page & taxonomy page” aren’t rendering correctly.

    Here’s an example of a page that “seems” to be working correctly:

    And here’s a link to a page where my footer floats up into the page and a div (along with it’s background image) disappears.

    It’s as though there’s a closing div missing which is preventing the div named “home-container_bottom” from even appearing. Wish I could figure this out!

    Somebody please help me! It’s probably something simple, and I’ve firebugged this page to death, but still not seeing the solution.

    Thank you in advance for helping me! Very much appreciated!

    Ferenc Vas贸czki



    try to search for this selector:


    you should add to this div an extra class what is set the width of this div.

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