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  • I am running a multisite and would like to merge all my customers’ purchases to 1 subsite.

    The websites sell digital contentss mostly, but sell different types and run w/ considerably different logic. For one website, it has paywall that paid subscribers have access to paid contents with rolling subscription. Another website charges $1 for a permanent page access for each page. There also are websites that are linked to third party tools (Slack, Teams….) and grant contents access level membership to that service.

    I’ve used various solutions for each website (used to be single sites), but since I now have consolidated all of them in a multisite, I wonder if there is a way to combine all transactions in one payment site, like, while my services are like

    So far, I had to run multiple queries and combined excel sheets, but if this works, for every monthly reporting, I just have to run a single query.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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