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    I tested it on both Woo 3.2.4 and previous and WP 4.9 and prev, issue appears in all cases. shows the webhook is triggered but Raw body which should contain the useful info (as JSON) only contains
    and nothing else.
    I tested 2 Woo webhooks:
    Customer created
    Product updated,
    none of them passes any info in body.
    ( I supposed for example:
    Customer created webhook passes at least username and email when this trigger fired, but now it doesn’t do it this way… )

    I hope this is NOT how it intended to be used… 🙂


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  • Plugin Support Caleb Burks


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    Here are some guides on using webhooks:

    It sounds like something on your site might be causing a conflict with webhooks. So try disabling all plugins except for WooCommerce and switch to a default WP theme while testing.

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    Hi Caleb,

    I’ve already studied all 3 contents you linked, that’s why I could be fairly specific with issue details, but thank you for the answer.

    I was referring to’s test result screenshot on:
    on screenshot
    you can see Raw body content, but in my case it is only:
    webhook_id=1234 and nothing else…
    What I miss from Woo webhook docs is we can’t figure it out how to set up a specific webhook to send data in its body -using Woo settings area.
    Seeing for example the
    Customer created
    webhook data in Woocommerce settings it should setup there what field values one want to pass via that webhook – or the default should be all what has a real meaning ( in this case: Email and Name )

    What kind of plugins do you think can cause such problems?
    Security, cron job modifying, minification?
    I use iThemes Security but all settings which might disable content from header etc. are not enabled.

    Let me share my opinion:
    Woo team created some huge steps toward allowing most of Woocommerce admins (who are not coders) to be able to use Woo API amd webhooks from admin setting area.
    That would be great if the Team would complete it, so we could set up webhooks better from admin area, without coding ( at least the most common use cases )


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    any update for this topic? I have exactly the same problem.



    I have the same problem, was there a solution?



    No, there wasn’t.
    Some Woocommerce webhooks had worked (I mean it sent HTML raw body properly) and some hadn’t.
    I haven’t tested latest WC versions though…

    Plugin Support Thomas Shellberg


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    Please test with the newest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress and ensure that you test with only the WooCommerce plugin enabled.

    Plugin Support Jesse Pearson


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    We haven’t heard back from you in a while, so I’m going to mark this as resolved – if you have any further questions, you can start a new thread.

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