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    This is just a vent. I have an issue with Dynamic Pricing extension and have been waiting on Woo’s support team to respond. The initial auto reply stated a response would be within 36 hours. After waiting 72 hours I sent a new ticket in asking “what the heck”.

    This time the auto response informs me they are on a trip in South Africa. While I am all for strategic meetings and team building – what company does this at the expense of a customer? While Woocommerce is free the multiple commercial extensions has made me a paying customer.

    Fortunately the ecommerce site is still in development, but my question would be – is this the level of service I can expect when my site goes live? 72 hours, and counting, is an eternity in ecommerce time.

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  • It’s all about perception. Being a bolt-on for WordPress, woocommerce isn’t a ‘proper’ online selling solution a la Zencart or similar, because ‘people only use WP for silly little blogs and stuff’ and ‘nobody who’s SERIOUS about selling would use WP’, so support systems don’t need to be robust. Note that’s not MY view, but I genuinely get the impression its the one Woo use. After all, they’re traditionally a WP themes supplier rather than an ecommerce supplier, ain’t they?

    It’s more about monetisation than anything else at Woo (not that that makes them much different than anyone else in this marketplace). I asked them a question about their product, and they replied saying basically ‘buy an extension or a theme and we’ll look at it, other than that, get lost’. Yep, it’s a ‘free’ bolt-on, but as you rightly say it’s not really – any serious seller is going to need to buy several of their (not cheap) commercial extensions to get a store running at anything other than the most basic level. I was willing to buy an extension as long as it dealt with my issue, but without anything other than gut instinct to back that up I’m still not convinced its for me.

    Sorry, my reply is just a vent too!

    Andrew at Woo Commerce has responded and I feel the issue has been resolved. I checked into ZenCart and found many issues from developers stating it was too dated, so it is not an option for us. We will continue on with WooCommerce.

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