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  • I got my blog header created by designers however they must have enabled the woo theme that I used to be a big banner on every single post that I create. It is straight after the post and before the comment box. I notice on other blogs the woo theme picture is bottom right and just a little icon however mine always features a full on banner.
    Can somebody PPleeease help me! Very new to blogging and your help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you, Sharon Whyte

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  • Where is your blog? That way, we can look at your source code and tell you the code to take out of single.php

    Also, with Woo Themes, there are Theme options on your Dashboard that sometimes allows you to deactivate the banners.

    I take out all Woo references from all my sites. I love Woo Themes and am a member of their Club.

    my site is There isn’t much on it as I have not published due to this problem.
    I will put up a dummy post just so you can see the banner. What other info do you need to be able to access?



    Hey Sharon, usually themes have options can check on your theme’s options if there is a way to disable certain features of the theme?

    If this is not possible or the theme has no such options, then you have to edit the file manually or edit the code in that section.

    ::Backup files first before editing::
    Look for the “single.php” file and look for this section

    <div class="advert_468x60">
    /* some code or tags here */

    You may comment it out. Put comment html tags around it so it would look something like:

    <div class="advert_468x60">
    /* some code or tags here */


    delete that tag or code section…

    Hi thanks for assisting. I have added a link so you can get the gist of what I am saying about the woo theme banner.

    Theme Options list the followng
    General Settings
    Navigation Settings
    Layout options
    Display content or excer[t
    Image resizer
    Then it lists all the banner sizes about 4

    Then there is Framework setting
    then Buy themes
    I cant see any single.php file

    Thanks for your reply so far however cant seem to find anything???



    It seems that it’s fixed already. Is it? i can no longer see the banner in between you post and comment section.

    Yes, I did but I missed up really big time. I went and reset the whole theme area in general settings and as you can see it wiped out my header as well!!! I shouldnt be aloud near things like this!
    Anyways, I have contacted the designers (who set up my header and side bar area for me) and I am hoping they will fix it.
    I will not go near the busy bees theme area again once its fixed!
    Thanks heaps for looking though. I requested to them also if they would not put the big banner in again. If an advert for them is requried I am sure they can keep it to a thumbnail size like I see on other blogs. Thanks again,
    Sharon Whyte

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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