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  • Hi,

    I am relatively new to developing my own websites. And the way things are going I will be a long time getting there. Has anybody out there got any helpful information when it comes to WOO COMMERCE>Variations.

    My problem of late (approximately 18 days ago)is that I cannot seem to get the attributes in the variations tab to stay in the order that i require them. I use the drag an drop method – that does not work. I use the drop down method of ordering them – that does not work. Mike Jolley on Git Hub suggests the problem is with Mod_Security or Suhosin. I have taken his advice and got on to my hosting company. They said there was an issue with Mod_Security and they have fixed it up.
    The problem still exists.

    In the configure terms of the Attributes all the sizes of the product (67 in all) are in the right order. At the front end of a page when I click on the drop down menu all the sizes are in order. In the attributes section in the admin panel all the sizes are in order. In the Variations tab in the admin panel all the sizes won’t and don’t stay in order. I drag and drop them into the order I want and update the page, but they all come back all over the place, some duplicated and others disappear.

    IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE WHO HAS COME ACROSS THIS PROBLEM. As I say i am now into the Third week of trying to fix this problem with no successs. I cannot move forward with the development of the site with these issues. All Help Greatly Appreciated.

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  • I get this problem as well. It seems when I use the Import/Export script to upload all my products everything is sorted alphabetically (i.e. attributes like size/color etc.). In Chrome I can’t rearrange anything in the Attributes tab (not knowing if I’m able to drag and drop here anyway). Is this the same thing happening for you? Do you notice any order of the way its displaying?

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