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    I’m interested in starting a woo commerce and move away from magento.

    I am used to using magento which has multi site functionality. All my stores sell the same products and we do local deliveries in a few locations, so I have 1 store for each location. When customers visit my homepage I have links on the homepage that directs them to the correct store website for their location. The reason I have a multisite is – when customers make an order, the order goes to that store admin. So if someone orders in store c, the order is received in the admin for user c only. So it is so orders are not all congested in 1 place.

    Single installs for each store will not work as I would have to keep uploading the same products descriptions, prices etc for each store I create.

    Magento multisite allows for this. Is there any way for woo commerce to do this, or is there any plugins that allow this.

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  • Yes, WooCommerce can work with a multisite.

    @rec19, I am looking to do exactly what you were planning on with Woocommerce. We need multi sites, with the same products but in different locations. Each location would ideally be on a subdomain, although the difference between yours and mine is that ideally all orders and customers would be managed centrally. Don’t want to use magento, is this possible on WooCommerce? Did you manage to achieve it?

    I’d really appreciate your help. Many thanks!

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