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  • Ever since i updated my Woo Commerce to the Version where I also had to update my version of WordPress, I have been having inventory issues where the item never sells out even though there is only 1 item left. I have experienced this with multiple items on multiple sales. So since then I have basically been manually taking the item out of inventory which is quite a pain especially when I am away and cant get to a computer. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Please help!

    If needed, I am using the MOJO theme from splashing pixels, I am not sure if that matters.

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  • Sorry i just read it over again. If that sounded a little confusing…

    I basically mean

    The inventory shows 1 item left, and then someone purchases it and the item still does not go “OUT OF STOCK” it just stays at the number 1 and then it gives the next buyer a chance to buy it which they do and then i have to refund them.

    Double check the the manage stock setting is checked.

    I have never clicked on that before because I sell all of my items at “variable product” Prior to updating it used to work perfect.

    I basically sell my items according to the size

    with the update do i now have to check off “manage stock at a product level”?

    you could always try it, im not 100% sure about this as i dont manage inventory via woocommerce 🙂

    ill try that out and see how it goes. thanks

    anyone who uses woo commerce would love to hear what you have to say!

    Hi TonyTizzle,

    Were you able to find a solution of this problem ? I am also having same issue where my inventory is not being managed and its letting users to buy same item again and again when i have availability in stock for that item is 1.

    please help.


    Same problem as you guys. Any fix???

    Same problem here with inventory on ‘Variable products’, still no fix I see…

    Same issue here. Any info on this pleeeeease?

    This is annoying.

    I am using the proper properties for inventory management, and it just doesn’t work, simple or variable.

    After user adds more to his cart, there’s a stupid error:

    View Cart → You cannot add that amount to the cart — we have 5 in stock and you already have 5 in your cart.

    Has anyone manager to get a solution? Is this a woocommerce issue?

    I am using latest woocommerce and latest avada theme.

    Hello to everyone! I’ve fix this problem (in my case).

    So my problem was the PayPal account. My client has her paypal account set up in USD and my “testing payment” was in EUR. So, she had do “manually claim” the payment to get the money, and the woocomerce system didn’t recognize that.

    So i’ve added EUR currency to her PayPal account. Now all the transactions are automatically claimed by the system, and stock inventory is updating properly 🙂

    Hope this helps someone else! 🙂

    I dont even have a Paypal account setup yet. I am just testing it out. You think that this will be fixed as soon the account is setup?

    I would like to be able to see it work though.

    did that work for anyone? still no luck on my end



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Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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