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    I am just demo’ing Woo 3.2 before upgrading.

    The changes to the email system pretty poorly thought out and down right stupid!!! did any one actually get opinion of people who use Woocommerce to run a business.

    So I have a few situations I would like to know how the new email system will handle.

    1) We use a 3rd party email gateway – in the past some of the new order email we receive do not arrive – how do we resend the new order email ?

    We need the new order email as that is what our staff use to process the order.

    2) Customer contacts us to advise us that some details are wrong in the order, so we make changes – how do we resend the new order email ?

    3) In error one of our operatives deletes an email – how do we resend the new order / failed order / cancelled order email ?

    4) We operate in a country where we do not need to issue invoices to retail customers, so we do not create invoices for all our orders but some customers request an invoice after their order has been shipped / completed – where can we send them the customer invoice email (in one click) ?

    5) In our email templates our order processing email sent to the customer, has a concise version of our terms & conditions, and some shipping information. Where as the order complete email just states the order has been dispatched and any shipping tracking information. Again how do we send the processing order email to the customer if they request it with the copy of our terms, shipping policies ?

    In the emails setup – you are still showing 6 types of customer facing emails that can be sent to the customer. So if a customer requests a copy of one of them emails – we can only send them an generic order details email.

    So the question is if you think it is only import to have one type of email to re-send to the customer, then why is Woocommerce setup with 6 separate emails that are sent as the order progresses.

    Someone mentioned the new re-send order details is contextual, but who has determined the context? Should this not be down to the store operator to determine which email is re-sent for the specific point in the order process?

    I think at a minimum there has to be an option to re-send admin emails, this is very important.

    The re-send function needs the flexibility for the store operator to choose what is important to them – I don’t care if it is a setting in the admin page to restore the original behavior or code snippet to hook in to, but the option has to be there!

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  • Tobias_Conrad


    May we need an option to resend mail to customers of the current status.

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    It seems like the recent updates have addressed these concerns, so I’m going to mark this as resolved – if you have any further questions, you can start a new thread.

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