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  • This works fine for me. What types of boxesare you trying to check? Pages? Languages? Something else?



    This also happens to me. I’m using it with multiple text boxes in one widget area. There are 11 text boxes that I wish to control.
    I’ve tried “show on checked” and also reversed the logic, some settings that may have been set with a previous version are OK (I can’t remember if a previous version was installed).
    WordPress 3.5 : Display Widgets 1.23
    Where are the settings controlled so I can manually update them?

    Something is horribly wrong. I’m changing the settings for a page, press save and the change will not stick. I tried to reverse the whole thing by going from Show to Hide, but the problem persists. I use a bunch of other plugins also. Guess there is some kind of conflict. Please let us know what variables to manipulate in the database or maybe an update is about to be released? Thanks a million. Morten

    I am using the latest version, and would be pleased to grant the author access to test the fault on my site.

    I am having the same issue where after checking or unchecking a box for showing on a page and then clicking “save” it does not save the change. I’m running WordPress 3.5 and Display Widgets 1.23

    A workaround is to create a new widget with the same content. After setting and saving the display info I delete the old one. That helps.
    I use a static page as frontpage. I noticed that checking the page under pages does not work. I need to check the “Frontpage” at the top of the list. This small confusion error might be related to the problem???

    MortenCopenhagen , thanks for the suggestion. This is a good temporary work around. I did notice however that if I selected “Show on selected” and checked the boxes and saved the widget, and then go back and try to uncheck one of the pages, it will not save.

    I greatly recommend this plugin as an alternative:

    A solution that also works is to manually downgrade to version 1.22 of the plugin. Delete the plugin folder in your WordPress installationa and replace it with the one here:

    jdardiant, thank you for the tip



    Thanks lluubboo for the link. We’re back up and running.

    sswells: could the new logic be failing in the function dw_update_widget_options? Would it be possible to replace it with a switch statement or add some else statements?

    I think there are two different issues people are mentioning. We’ve resolved the problem with boxes that will not uncheck for some people for the next release, but it sounds like some are saying the boxes are not staying checked.

    @morten, if you are still interested in providing admin access so I can take a look on your site, you can send it to steph at



    I think it’s the same issue – the settings won’t save. it doesn’t matter if they start out checked or unchecked, making a change to them won’t save.

    Thank you for the fast reaction, sswells. Your plugin is very handy.

    My particular problem is that the boxes won’t uncheck after saving. I just double checked that. I haven’t described the problem properly in the very first post. Sorry for the confusion. Checking boxes and then saving works just fine.

    Here’s an updated version. Before officially releasing it, perhaps some of you could try it out to make sure it solves your troubles?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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